La Meat Maison preview-dinner: the event!

29 June 2022
Panos Deligiannis

The flagship store of La Meat Maison officially opened yesterday in Kifissia. We and our guests had the opportunity to try it first two weeks ago, with Dimitris Katrivesis in the kitchen, and enjoy a special evening. See impressions and photos from the event.

Our appointment was for Tuesday 14 June, at the new La Meat Maison (92 Charilaou Trikoupi & Alamanas St., Kifissia, tel. 2108087372). The last of the tinkerers were coming out as we entered to prepare for another special preview-dinner as part of #fnlevents and yet everything went smoothly and effortlessly after all! This is always a gamble with preview dinners as on that day – for example – the waiters were seeing the venue for the first time and the kitchen had only been fired up a couple of times!

The impressions were won from the first moment we entered the venue and this was the common belief of everyone who was around us. The new La Meat Maison combines a butcher, wine cellar and deli-shop with a charming, smart casual (to borrow dress-code terminology) restaurant. Its kitchen is curated by chef Dimitris Katrivesis, who had come from Tinos for the FNL night and cooked for us. The main element of the restaurant’s gastronomic proposal is of course quality meat and for the preview dinner we chose a series of representative dishes of the restaurant, starring the top Olive Fed Wagyu exclusively imported by La Meat Maison, which you can read about here.

Next to them we chose, together with their sommelier Giannis Mantas, a series of excellent wines from their cellar, which accompanied them. At the same time, we also had some of Three Cents’ Greek premium soft drinks for a cool break or welcome for anyone who wanted one: the classic favourite Pink Grapefruit Soda was met with great competition from the explosive aromas and all-aromatic taste of Cherry Soda & Pineapple Soda. By nine we were now seated at the tables and the welcome was the complex and elegant Philippe-Alexander Cuvee Alex champagne based on Pinot Noir, before moving on to a delicate rosé Bandol, Château de la Rouvière, which paired beautifully with the first cold courses: An excellent tartare, a delicious carpaccio slightly thicker cut, something that fit like a glove thanks to its velvety texture and a delightful, exuberant burrata.

The first bottles of the Greek gastronomic water Doubia were already finished as its refreshing yet delicate and subtle bubbles prepared our palate for each subsequent dish. As the flavors began to “get serious” and on the occasion of this unique – super-rich – Olive fed Wagyu pizza and the top small burgers with their deep meaty deliciousness, we enjoyed an exceptional and dynamic Barbera d’ Asti, of the La Spinetta’s Ca’ di Pian 2016, fermented and aged in oak barrels.

The main course couldn’t be anything but a rich tenderloin of Olive Fed Wagu with a layered flavour. It was served directly from Josper along with fries. Next to it was an exuberant and delectable Bordeaux blend based on Cabernet Sauvignon, from South Africa: the concentrated and rich Meerlust Rubicon 2015.

The bridge to dessert was the Katrivesis’ famous fruit in osmosis that prepared us for the signature crème brûlée: dense, velvety, all-over flavour was among the best I’ve ever tasted.

At the end, Taf’s Espresso Competition Blend had the power to complete such a meal.

Together we enjoyed the Gran Reserva Diez,a complex and uniquely smooth rum that was the perfect partner for those friends who chose to complete their dinner with the already disappearing Nobles cigar from Romeo y Julieta’s top Linea de Oro series,which in my opinion was the top cigar of the series! Fans of lighter flavours tried the aged Bacardi Gran Reserva Diez rum in a long drink along with Three Cents Pineapple Soda, a truly wonderful combination!

It was now past midnight and finishing my cigar, I was looking forward to revisiting La Meat Maison as soon as it opened properly … I’ll do it one of these days. We’ll see you at the last FNL event before the holidays, at Cash on Monday, July 11!

Photos Panos Smirniotis