DUBIA attracted the attention at HORECA 2023

The impressions of the HORECA professionals were once again won by the naturally carbonated natural mineral water DOUBIA, at the HORECA 2023 exhibition.

Fine light bubbles, balanced taste, naturalness and freshness are just some of the key ingredients that DOUBIA presented at HORECA 2023.

Greece’s first Greek gastronomic water came to impress and conquer the HORECA space all over Greece. Its quality and light taste proved to the visitors of the booth that it can deservedly accompany meals of high gastronomy and aesthetics.

Successful professionals in the field got to know DOUBIA and added a product with international awards and quality certifications to their list of restaurants.

Nature and its natural ingredients are the unique elements that contribute to the composition of DOUBIA products. Utilizing natural Mediterranean aromas of Lemon, Mastic and Bergamot, DOUBIA presented at HORECA 2023 three new DOUBIA codes with natural aromas of Lemon, Mastic and Bergamot. Each bottle opening flooded the stand with fragrances and attracted more and more looks of excitement.