FNL Best Restaurant Awards 2023

Wednesday, May 17, 2023, Modern and traditional, high and everyday, creative
and classic… This year’s 6th FNL Best Restaurant Awards had the taste
and the faces of all of Greece!

In a captivating event held on Monday 15 May at the “Ioannis Despotopoulos” amphitheatre of the Athens Conservatory, the 6th FNL Best Restaurant Awards were presented, highlighting the best restaurants of 2022 and rewarding excellence in Greek gastronomic creation. 204 restaurants from all over Greece, divided into 12 different “taste” categories, once again made the list of the elite of the Greek gastronomic scene. In the context of the glittering award ceremony, 16 special prizes were also awarded, including the “Restaurant of the Year”, a title of honour which this year was handed over to Delta restaurant, “Chef of the Year” which went to Asterios Koustoudis of the Great Britain and King George hotels, “Best everyday city restaurant” which was awarded to Artisanal, etc. The Overall Contribution Award this year was awarded to the pioneer of taste, Fokionas Zisiadis, with the corresponding award for “Contribution to Greek Tradition” being handed over to Giota Koufadaki. The award ceremony was attended by more than 600 distinguished guests, all protagonists of the restaurant industry, the business world, journalists and representatives of the artistic world, enjoying a ceremony that had all the good flavours of life! Of suspense, of joy, of emotion, of achievement, of reward.

Intracom was the major sponsor of the 6th FNL Best Restaurant Awards 2023, which this year was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, while the ceremony was also honoured by the presence of the Secretary General of the Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO), Mr Dimitris Fragkakis. Other sponsors also are: Moët & Chandon, Amazzoni, Anhydrous, Craft, Doubia, Taf & Masterzen.

With her special tone and her uniquely attractive stage presence, Betty Mangira, who took on the role of the main presenter of the evening, thrilled the select audience. The majesty of the set was further emphasized by the central and theatrically lit prop of the evening, which was none other than an oversized Masterzen wine preserver. The award ceremony was followed by a colourful Food Parade on the Odeon’s peristyle with exquisite dishes curated by the catering company Dipnosofistirion and prepared especially for the evening by chefs Giorgos Papazacharias and Thanos Feskos (Delta), Thanos Stasinos (Byblos Mykonos & Kohylia-Grand Resort Lagonissi), Dimitris Dimitriadis (Artisanal), Vangelis and Spyros Liakos (Base Grill, Travolta, Hoocut, MetaMeat) and Michalis Chatzikalimeris (Four Seasons Astir Palace Athens). All this with the delightful accompaniment of cocktails, drinks and coffee provided by the sponsors of the evening, Moët & Chandon, Amazzoni gin, the wines Anhydrous of Santorini, Craft beer, Doubia water and Taf coffee.

The FNL Best Restaurant Awards, in their sixth year, consistently reflect contemporary culinary aesthetics and highlight the dining venues where new culinary trends are constantly manifesting themselves. The final list was shaped by the FNL Guide’s diverse jury and is the result of countless culinary treks and tastings, from all corners of Greece, many productive debates and exchanges of opinions, but mainly the expertise and passion of the most experienced and authoritative team of tasters our country has, namely Panos Deligiannis and Thaleia Tsichlaki, Tasos Mitselis, Vasilis Dimaras, Giannis Devetzoglou, Fotis Tsimelas, Panos Stathopoulos, Vasilis Bakasis, Ntinos Stergidis, Evi Fetsi, Panagiotis Sopiadis, Christos Filios.

FNL, the leading gastronomy & wellness portal (The Food and Leisure Guide, www.fnl-guide.com) having hosted hundreds of signed reviews of Greek restaurants as well as the most talked about and popular restaurants abroad, allows the jury to place restaurants on an international scale. Each restaurant is evaluated by members of the tasting committee one or more times during the year with strict evaluative criteria such as the best possible quality of the raw material, the technical competence of the chef in the execution of a recipe, the composition of the menu and the extent to which it accurately expresses the overall identity of the restaurant, the complexity, harmony, depth of flavour and presentation of a dish, as well as the ability of the chef to attempt creative specialities, combining top quality ingredients with boldness and imagination.

As for the awards process, it is worth mentioning that the committee evaluates the restaurants with the now famous FNL stars, while dividing them into categories based on their gastronomic proposal and style. However, the distinction between one star, and two, three or four stars remains a key point in the FNL’s evaluation philosophy. While restaurants that earn one star may not be entirely comparable to each other, since the “good in its class” logic is followed, restaurants with two, three or four stars are entirely comparable in terms of their culinary quality. Thus, while an all-day restaurant, a bistro or even a luxury, gastronomic restaurant can be rated with one star as good in its category, in the next tiers, two, three and four stars, their culinary quality must be of absolutely the same level, regardless of style.

A clear emphasis is placed on the cuisine of our country and local products, with Greek gastronomy divided into three levels, honouring both the custodians of traditional cuisine, which is a source of inspiration for anyone who wants to creatively render the flavours of this land, as well as those who aptly render it with a modern aesthetic, bridging yesterday and today, up to the ultimate exponents of its highest version, which even translates as culinary art.

The scale of Rating

1 star: good in its category. One star is awarded to any restaurant that stands out for its culinary performance within its category, be it gastronomic cuisine, ethnic cuisine, comfort food, a tavern or even a street food spot.

2 stars: very good restaurant regardless of category. A simple restaurant of any style could also be rated with two stars if its culinary performance and the quality of its ingredients are reflected to such an extent that it is on the verge of high gastronomy.

3 stars: excellent international class restaurant. Only the country’s top gastronomic restaurants could be awarded such a high distinction.

4 stars: a great restaurant. Only a truly excellent restaurant belonging to the global elite can claim the top FNL distinction!


These are the 16 special awards and the 204 restaurants across Greece that earn at least one star in 2023 as judged by the FNL Best Restaurant Awards committee.

Of the 204 restaurants awarded, 159 receive one star, 37 receive two stars and 8 receive three stars. For another year, no restaurant was awarded four stars. Of these, 78 earn a star for the first time, 14 of which opened in 2022.


Earn three stars for the first time

Delta Restaurant, Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, Athens ANAWATCHING FROM TWO STARS
Elements, Canaves Oia Epitome Hotel UPGRADE BY TWO STARS

Maintain three stars

Lauda, Andronis Boutique Hotel, Santorini
Spondi, Athens
Squirrel, Danai Beach Resort and Villas, Chalkidiki

Maintain two stars

Hervé, Athens
Le Pavillon, Athens
Patio, The Margi Hotel, Athens
Pelagos, Four Seasons Astir Palace, Athens
Soil, Athens
The Treehouse, Ekies All Senses Resort, Chalkidiki
The Ziller’s, Athens
Tudor Hall, King George Hotel, Athens


Earn three stars for the first time

Selene, Katikies Garden, Santorini UPGRADE FROM TWO STARS

Maintain three stars

Botrini’s, Athens
Etrusco, Corfu

Earn two stars for the first time

Botrini’s, Katikies Santorini Hotel, Santorini NEWCOMER

Maintain two stars

Aleria, Athens
CTC, Athens
Galazia Hytra, Summer Senses Hotel, Paros
Hytra, Athens
Noble Gourmet Restaurant, Elysium Resort & Spa, Rhodes


Earn two stars for the first time

Cantina, Sifnos NEW ENTRY
Old Mill, Elounda Mare, Elounda – Crete NEW ENTRY

Maintain two stars

Anama, Gialova, Messinia
Noēma, Mykonos
Sense, Athens Was Hotel, Athens

Earn one star for the first time

7 Steak Lounge, De Sol Hotel & Spa, Santorini NEW ENTRY
Apiri Greek Eatery, Heraklion – Crete NEW ENTRY
Avli, Rethymnon – Crete NEW ENTRY
Baos Mykonos, Myconian Korali Relais & Chateau, Mykonos NEW ENTRY

Bostani, Verina Hotel, Sifnos NEWCOMER
Grampsas Restaurant, Zakynthos NEW ENTRY
Elemes Cretan Cuisine, Abaton Island Resort & Spa, Hersonissos – Crete NEW ENTRY
Elia, Kapsaliana Village Hotel, Kapsaliana – Arkadi Crete NEW ENTRY
Epsilon Legacy Gastrosuites, Heraklion – Crete NEW ENTRY
Fiore, Lesante Cape, Zakynthos NEWCOMER
Five Senses, Lindos Blu Luxury Hotel & Suites, Vlychades – Rhodes NEW ENTRY
Metsovo 1350m, Grand Forest Metsovo, Metsovo NEW ENTRY
Mosaico Gastro Wine Bar, Horizon Beach Resort, Kos NEW ENTRY
Naos, Santorini NEW ENTRY
Sigala Winery, Santorini NEW ENTRY
Rada, Paros NEW ENTRY
Silfion, Ioannina NEWCOMER
Therasia, Katikies Kirini Santorini, Santorini NEW ENTRY

Maintain one Star

Almyriki, Kato-Lower Almiri Corinthia, Peloponnese
Artisanal, Athens
Avant Garden, Syros
Barozzi, Naxos
Bubo Fine Dining, Ekies All Senses Resort, Chalkidiki
César Meze Bar, Lindos-Rhodes
Cookoovaya, Athens, Greece
Ten Tables-Deka Trapezia, Thessaloniki, Greece
Hellas, Pefkos-Rhodes
Kalopsia, Tinos
Kontosoros, Xino Nero
Kooc, Costa Navarino, Peloponnese
Lady Finger, Andronikos Hotel, Mykonos
Makris Degustation Restaurant, Domes Miramare Corfu, Corfu
Mavrikos, Lindos-Rhodes
Melia, Lesante Blu Hotel, Zakynthos
Horizon, Platanos-Samos
Petra, Canaves Oia Hotel, Santorini
Philia, Kokkari-Samos
Prosilio, Zakynthos
Salonika, Makedonia Palace Hotel, Thessaloniki, Greece
Salvia, Aristi Mountain Resort, Zagorochoria
Throubi, Andronis Concept Hotel, Santorini
Fino, Kalamata
Haroupi, Thessaloniki, Greece


Earn one star for the first time

Apomero, Karditsa NEW ENTRY
Arakleia, Irakleia NEW ENTRY
Vatalos, Fragkokastello – Crete NEW ENTRY
Iliomanolis, Kannevos – Crete NEW ENTRY
Kritamon, Archanes – Crete NEW ENTRY
Kyriakos, Heraklion – Crete NEW ENTRY
Leventis, Ano Stalos – Crete NEW ENTRY
Noa Mykonos, Myconian Kyma Design Hotel, Mykonos NEW ENTRY
Dounias, Drakona – Crete NEW ENTRY
Onisimos, Peza – Crete NEW ENTRY
Panorama, Askifou – Crete NEW ENTRY
Rakadiko Oinodeio, Sitia – Crete NEW ENTRY
Ta Platania, Kastellorizo NEW ENTRY
Taverna, Daios Cove Hotel, Agios Nikolaos – Crete NEW ENTRY
Chrysostomos, Chania – Crete NEW ENTRY

Maintain one star

Stou Vasilarakiou, Naxos
Gastrodromio En Olympo, Litochoro
Giouvetsakia, Athens, Greece
Elies, Kardamili, Messinia
O Thomas, Sklithro, Florina
Kalokairi, Antiparos
Klimataria (of Bellos), Corfu
Stou Kosta (Vasileiadis), Kalamata
Mourtoukalis-Ta Mpakaliarakia, Argos
Nompelos, Zakynthos
Panigiyri, Santorini
Paranga, Apollonas, Rhodes
Rosa’s, Santorini
Soulis, Agioi Theodoroi
Taverna tou Oikonomou, Athens, Greece
Harama, Naoussa
Charis, Naxos
Oromedon, Kos


Earn two stars for the first time

Andromeda Restaurant, Danai Beach Resort And Villas, Chalkidiki ANABATOMISI FROM A STAR

Maintain two stars

Venetsianiko Pigadi, Corfu

Earn a star for the first time

Alfredo’s, Regency Casino Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki NEW ENTRY
Blue Bay, Atlantica Imperial Resort & Spa, Rhodes NEW ENTRY
Cabbanes, Myconian Villa Collection NEW ENTRY
GB Roof Garden, Grande Bretagne Hotel, Athens NEW ENTRY
La Bouillabaisse, Minos Beach Art Hotel Agios Nikolaos – Crete NEW ENTRY
Seeds, Athens NEWCOMER

Maintain one star

Bill & Coo Gastronomy Project, Bill & Coo Suites & Lounge, Mykonos
Lycabettus Restaurant, Andronis Luxury Suites, Santorini
Malabar, The Margi Hotel, Athens, Greece
M Flavors, Athens Capital Hotel, Athens


Maintain two stars

Vezené Athens, Athens
Vezené, Cavo Tagoo, Santorini

Earn a star for the first time

Jerar, Athens NEWCOMER
Lost, Athens NEWCOMER
Moldee, Thessaloniki NEWCOMER
Zurbaran, Athens NEW ENTRY

Maintain one star

Albergo Gelsomino, Kos
Annie Fine Cooking, Athens, Greece
Clochard, Thessaloniki
Idol, Santorini
Simul, Athens


Earn a star for the first time

Broadway, Kos NEW ENTRY
Hasika, Rethymnon – Crete NEW ENTRY
Thamon, Ioannina NEWCOMER
Kakkos Tavern, Ierapetra – Crete NEW ENTRY
Shop we were talking about (The)-Magazaki pou legame (To), Ioannina NEW ENTRY
Peskesi, Heraklion – Crete NEW ENTRY
Tsiftis gastrokoutouki+, Athens NEWCOMER

Maintain one star

Axiotissa, Naxos
Apodrasi, Tinos
Vasilikos, Kallipoli – Pella
Mezen, Volos
Mezen Salonica, Thessaloniki, Greece
Mourga, Thessaloniki, Greece
Mple Kanarini, Kalamata


Maintain two stars

Veritable, Athens, Greece

Keep a star

Henri G., Paros
Ifestioni Restaurant, Aressana Hotel, Santorini
Kladi Elias, Mesoropi, Kavala
Monzù, Athens, Greece
Napul’e, Athens, Greece
Sterna, Kinsterna Hotel, Monemvasia Peloponnese


Maintain two stars

Scorpios, Mykonos

They earn one star for the first time

Alemagou, Mykonos NEW ENTRY
Krabo, Athens NEW ENTRY

Maintain one star

Jackie O’ Beach, Mykonos


Maintain two stars

Alali, Santorini
Matsuhisa Athens, Athens
Matsuhisa Mykonos, Belvedere Hotel, Mykonos

They earn one star for the first time

Byblos, Mykonos NEWCOMER
Diego, Athens NEW ENTRY
Kinjo, Athens NEW ENTRY
Matzenta Kuzina Del Sol, Chania – Crete NEW ENTRY
NYX, Academia Hotel, Athens NEW ENTRY

Maintain one star

Birdman, Athens
Freud Oriental, Athens
Helios, Four Seasons Astir Palace Athens, Athens
Mikra Asia, Athens
Nolan, Athens
Sushimou, Athens


Earn two stars for the first time

Basegrill, Athens, UPGRADE FROM ONE STAR
Beefbar Mykonos, Mykonos UPGRADE FROM ONE STAR

Earn one star for the first time

Brutus Tavern, Athens NEW ENTRY
Drakoulis Dry & Raw, Kolonaki, Athens NEWCOMER
Fine Mess, Athens NEW ENTRY

Maintain a star

Beefbar Athens, Athens
Verviotiko, Veroia
Diagonios, Thessaloniki, Greece
Drakoulis Dry & Raw, Voula
Palia Athina, Thessaloniki
Tilemachos Athens, Athens


Earn two stars for the first time

Varoulko Santorini, Grace Hotel, Santorini NEWCOMER

Maintain two stars
Mavri Thalassa, Thessaloniki, Greece
Travolta, Athens
Varoulko Seaside, Athens

Earn one star for the first time

Akti, Athens NEW ENTRY
Bony Fish Seafood Restaurant, Abaton Island Resort & Spa, Hersonissos – Crete NEW ENTRY
Dominicale Seafood Restaurant, Zakynthos NEW ENTRY
Kavos, Isthmia NEW ENTRY
Mylos Fish Restaurant, Leros NEW ENTRY
Omnia, Canaves Oia Epitome, Santorini NEWCOMER
Ouzeri Skotadis, Aegina NEW ENTRY
Papaioannou Restaurant Kavouri, Athens NEW ENTRY
Saradari Fish Restaurant, Limenas of Hersonissos – Crete NEW ENTRY
Chiona, Chiona – Crete NEW ENTRY

Maintain one star

Allou Gyalou, Syros
Armyra by Papaioannou, Costa Navarino, Peloponnese
Bluefish, Athens, Greece
Dourabeis, Athens, Greece
Thalassaki, Tinos
Marina, Halkidiki
Mario Restaurant & Farm, Paros, Halkidiki, Halkidiki
Milos, Athens, Greece
Papaioannou Restaurant Piraeus, Athens, Greece
Trizoni Exclusive, Thessaloniki, Greece
Trizoni Sea Treasures, Halkidiki
Toula’s, Corfu


Fokionas Zisiadis


Giota Koufadaki


Delta Restaurant


Asterios Koustoudis






Michalis Chatzikalimeris


Michalis Ladas




Squirrel, Chalkidiki
Selene, Santorini
Terroir, Kozani


Holy Llama

*A newcomer is a restaurant that opened after the previous FNL Best Restaurant Awards and a new entry is an older restaurant that receives an FNL star for the first time (or again after an absence).

For more information please contact Press-a-Porter (Flora Paraskevopoulou), phone 6983 902151, email: flora@pressaporter.gr, or Panos Deligiannis at 6981222022, e-mail: pdeligiannis@fnl-guide.com

* Photos by Panos Smirniotis