DUBIA at the international exhibition FOOD EXPO 2023

The impressions of professionals were once again won by the naturally carbonated natural mineral water DOUBIA, at the International Exhibition FOOD EXPO 2023.

DOUBIA water, which springs from the homonymous spring of Chalkidiki in a lush green landscape of the natura region, conveys nature itself in its new glass bottle.

Its freshness and purity, key values of the product and of the company, are reflected in the minimalist aesthetics of the new glass bottle.

At the International FOOD EXPO 2023, visitors had the opportunity to taste for the first time the three new flavours of the naturally carbonated natural mineral water DOUBIA with the addition of natural flavours. The DΟUBIA flavours with lemon, mastic, and bergamot impressed the audience and came to dynamically conquer the flavoured sparkling water market.

The natural flavours and naturally sparkling natural mineral water enhance the taste and senses, dynamically upgrading the sparkling water market in Greece.