Exotic & mediterranean flavours extravaganza at Cash: the event!

02 August 2022
Panos Deligiannis

We closed this year’s #fnlevents season with a relaxed and fun evening at Cash, accompanying its exotic dishes with a series of delectable cocktails based on the exquisite Gin Mare and enjoying the live performance of Domino’s. See you in September!

The last event before the summer holidays had the perfect setting in Cash’s beautiful courtyard and was dressed up with Domino’s beautiful voice, cheerfulness and scherzo.

Before the light had even fallen, our first friends started to arrive and refresh themselves with some of Three Cents’ premium Greek soft drinks, while the welcome cocktail based on Gin Mare impressed. It was a “tweaked” gin and tonic, the Umami G.T. with Gin Mare, Cucielo Bianco, Blacberry & purple carrot shrub and Three Cents Dry Tonic and was just the thing to introduce us to the philosophy of the evening. Bartender Ntinos Kleovoulou created for us a series of unique Gin Mare cocktails, each designed both to accompany each dish and to highlight each of the facets of this exciting gin.

Shortly after nine o’clock we all took our seats and the serving began. Chef Dimitris Kotsalis had curated an exotic menu of mostly bar-food that “traveled” to Cash’s past and present. Each group of dishes had their own Gin Mare cocktail. We started with Aegean tiradito, ceviche and a variety of sushi. Next to them was the refreshing and very special Cocktail Veggie Ceviche (Gin Mare, lacto fermented veggie juice, olive brine, 9diDante Purgatorio extra dry Vermouth), which may have alienated some at first but showed its quality in the pairing.

Next up were fried prawns with curry, the popular prawn dog and duck gyozas. Alongside them was perhaps the best cocktail of the evening, the complex and aromatic Citrusy (Gin Mare Capri, Yuzu liqueur, mandarin puree, pink pepper, soya sauce, lime juice).

The Greek gastronomic water Doubia emerged as a co-star here as its delicate bubbles were just the thing to cleanse our palette between dishes and different cocktails. We continued with mini burgers and beef & chicken kushiyaki which were nicely accompanied with Basil Levander (Gin Mare, lemon juice, basil, lavender, long pepper).

At the end of the evening, we had a surprise. A Kayak cart made an appearance and Cash’s yard was filled with ice cream and laughter. The closing of the evening came shortly after with two selections of Taf’s excellent coffee: filter coffee of the iconic Elida Geisha variety from Panama & espresso with the exotic Cidra-Natural from Colombia.

And of course, one last, final cocktail which – personally – was my favourite as it went deliciously well with a cigar: the Illusion, a special Negroni with Gin Mare, 9diDante Purgatorio extra dry Vermouth & Campari infused with banana & pecan and fatwashed with cacao butter.

At the end, Taf’s Espresso Competition Blend had the power to complete such a meal.

Before we said goodbye we had a small raffle with prizes of a Maxi-jet lighter by ST Dupont and an electric trampoline by Masterzen. Midnight had long passed before the evening was over and we made an appointment for September. Happy holidays!

Photos Panos Smirniotis