Noble Pastry & Line @ CTC, the event

13 June 2022
Panos Deligiannis

With its slogan “Creativity is essential”, Bombay Sapphire gin was the perfect companion to this original and unique FNL event that brought together top creators to sign a menu based on the central idea: sweets & cocktails!

The central idea for this event was the creation of a whole menu based on sweets … with two ” savory ” dishes to simply break the streak and give the necessary balance to our sugar level! The central idea for this event was the creation of a whole menu based on sweets … with two ” savory ” dishes to simply break the streak and give the necessary balance to our sugar level! The pairing was based on the cocktails, the majority of which were based on the excellentBombay Sapphire, while also introducing us to the “wine” philosophy launched by the innovative Bar Line.

Giannis Vardakastanis and Giannis Kikyras – this year’s FNL Best Restaurant Awards winningNoble Pastryduo – created the desserts, each of which “hid” a vegetable! FNL stars award winner Alexandros Tsiotini created the two “savory” signature dishes of the evening and hosted the dinner at his restaurant, CTC. Finally, the head head bartender of Line’s Lab, Giannis Vavadakis, together with the top bartending duo of Vassilis Kiritsis and Nikos Bakoulis (Line & Clumsies), created a series of -mainly- Bombay Sapphire cocktails, often paired with one of the premium Greek soft drinks Three Cents, to accompany this unique dinner.

Everything was set up in the lovely courtyard of the CTC and by 8.30pm we began to welcome our friends with a perfect gin and tonic with Bombay Sapphire & Three Cents Tonic Water.But the clouds were gathering in the sky and at nine when we were all set to sit down and start our dinner, the first sprinkles just started!! The courtyard shed hosted us for the half hour it took to move the whole event inside.

He opened the curtain with a fine caramelized finocchio with aromatic pepper ice cream, safran and citrus. Along with it, the Fancy Pina Colada why in – with Bombay Sapphire and “wine” made of cotton honey, coconut and pineapple – gave one of the top pairings of the evening! Another dessert, an exuberant, velvety chocolate tart with aubergine and dittany was accompanied more resiliently with the Fancy Pomme why in, here Bombay Sapphire was paired with pomegranate “wine” with tobacco, rose and tomato that countered the sweet and dewed the whole.

The Greek gastronomic water Doubia dewed and refreshed our palate with its fine bubbles and the truth is that in this event its contribution was more valuable than ever! Next up was the “savoury” combined with a more classic cocktail this time. The Mamarita was a refreshing cocktail with Patron Anejo tequila, Patron Anejobutterscotch and Three Cents Ginger Beer.It beautifully accompanied Alexandros Tsiotinis’ two signature dishes: the corn veloute with lobster and foam flavored with truffle and bergamot and the duck with stew sauce, foie gras and Greek truffle.

Having “balanced” we moved on to two more desserts. The pre-dessert was an all-wheeled cucumber confit with tarragon granita and olive oil cake with lemon cream that paired well with the Apple & Basil, a cocktail with Bombay Sapphire, apple “wine”, basil cordial, caramel, ginger & Three Cents Dry Tonic. A bridge stage before moving on to a stunning, bright red sweet. A strawberry tart with tomato jam, hibiscus & almond. Together the Bastard – with Bacardi Carta Blanca rum, mustard, pistachio peanuts, lime & Three Cents Pink Grapefruit Soda – gave another great combination.

As the evening wound down and the rain had long since stopped some went out into the courtyard and others stayed inside, but we all moved on to a series of excellent mignardises accompanied by Taf’s filter coffee and espresso,the Divino Nino from Costa Rica,a coffee with aromas of cocoa, raisins and blueberries with a rich, bittersweet body.

It was a very special and creative event and a beautiful evening despite the adverse weather. The date was renewed for the next ones: the La Meat Maison preview dinner and the pre-holiday farewell at Cash.

*Photos by Panos Smirniotis