DOUBIA, first carbonated water company in the "Alliance to Reduce Food Waste"

Every year Greek households throw away over 1,000,000 tons of food, half of which could be safely consumed. At the same time, 1.4 million people, i.e. 12.9% of the population, face food insecurity.

The above dramatic findings are already mobilizing the world of Greek food businesses to reduce waste. Doubia is one of them, and indeed, the first carbonated water company in our country to join the “Alliance for Food Waste Reduction”

The initiative launched by AB Vassilopoulos includes, in addition to food businesses, public authorities, professional and scientific bodies, catering businesses from all stages of the supply chain, civil society organisations, as well as academic and research institutions.

Together they are coordinating their efforts to reduce food waste in our country by contributing to:

  • raising awareness of the extent and impact of food waste
  • training and education for its prevention and reduction
  • the exchange of information and knowledge, and the identification and dissemination of good practices
  • the promotion of research and innovation
  • facilitating and promoting the donation of surplus food for charitable purposes
  • the formulation and implementation of public policy to prevent and reduce food waste in Greece

We have an obligation to protect the resources provided by nature and to deliver a better environment for our children. This commitment is a key priority for DOUBIA.