DOUBIA and high gastronomy at Varoulko!

An evening full of unique flavors, enjoyment and sparkling natural mineral water DOUBIA was experienced by a multitude of guests, journalists and people of the city’s gastronomic scene, on Thursday, March 16th at Varoulko Seaside.


Greece’s first Greek gastronomic water was chosen by the award-winning restaurant of renowned chef Lefteris Lazarou to be presented to the public at the delectable PURITY by DOUBIA event.


The event opened with the greeting of Stelios M. Sarantis, member of the company, which has undertaken the revival of the brand DOUBIA, which comes from the famous spring of the Holy Apostles in Polygyros, Chalkidiki.


The guests then attended a presentation of the new image of DOUBIA and a high-quality master class by the first Greek certified water sommelier, Giannis Korovesis, who highlighted 

the importance of a high quality naturally sparkling water in a menu of similar quality.


The most enjoyable moment of the event, however, was when the glasses were filled with sparkling natural mineral water DOUBIA and its soft bubbles prepared our palate to enjoy the unique creations of L. Lazarou.


DOUBIA sparkling natural mineral water is here to enrich our gastronomic experiences, aspiring to become an integral part of every gourmet creation.